July 15th, 2010

hihi: deliver us - cosplay shoot

*sweeps dust off LJ*

hope everyone is doing fine with school and work~

Eto! I was actually random surfing on youtube and I saw this:

Song: Deliver Us from the Prince of Eygpt


And well...

I am getting very inspired to shoot a war-cry kind of shoot with the Hetalia cosers~ *you can use the vocaloid's "love is war" kinda-inspired pics for that kind of feel...!

I think this song is really like a warcry, that we are asking for deliverance for the sins 'we' as the countries have made. *yes, this song is pretty dark, if you read it certain ways.*


Costume Color: White


hope we will have takers for the shoot~

*p.s. don't mind me if I don't make much sense in this entry, pretty emotional now, listening to the songs... oTL|||