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[Fanart] OC SG!

It's already March and.. OTL only one member posted..?! Blasphemy!!

Well I'm just posting here as a member for now. \o/ Here's my SG OC! [I actually got the designs down for the other ASEAN members but I haven't gotten around posting them since I dont have a proper personality for them orz]

Warning: Kinda long. Sorry. orz

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Full Nation Name: Republic of Singapore
Human name: Siti [Haven't thought of a surname, but I'll probably leave it like this]

Background [In Hetalia terms 8D or just go watch We Live in Singapura on YT]:

Originally just an island found by Sang Nila Utama- a little sister to Melaya.

She is a young nation that grew fast[er] in her self-governing years than when she was a colony of the British Empire.
She was made a colony because of her ideal location that would be great for dealing with trading going on between India and China.

She got her eyebrows from being made a colony.

In WWII, she was taken over from U.K. in a matter of days by Japan. Her Chinese population [Already a large part of the population then] suffered the most under Japan's rule. She has scars from this period of time.

U.K. took her back after Japan was forced to retreat due to Hiroshima and Nagasaki being affected.

After WWII, she lived in the same house [Malaysia] as Melaya, Sarawak and Sabah for 2 years before eventually being kicked out by Malaya on August 9, 1965. Her relationship with Malaya hasn't been the same since.

More modern: 

She was one of the founding members of ASEAN.

She is also one of the 'Four Asian Tigers' - Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan. HK is also a little like an economic rival to her.


Usually she complains a lot and about anything at all. She can be rather fiery [coughbitchycough] in her expression, and often speaks in a strange mix of English, Chinese dialects, Malay and occasional Tamil.

She is multi-cultural, due to the variety of people that stays within the small land she has.

Her society is very academically-based, so she has more skill in academic matters than anything else.

Often, she speaks her mind [In a blunt manner] as well.

Like U.K., she seems to be able to see supernatural things sometimes...

A lot of the money that she earns come from tourists.

She is multi-racial, though apparently her blood has mingled a lot with Chinese. [Which is a good thing, since obviously she didn't inherit U.K.'s taste in food.]

Her leaders are realists and Lee Kuan Yew is like a fatherly figure to her.

Recently, she has been going over to Malaysia[Melaya]'s place pretty often. The two still get along okay when they're not dealing with political situations.

When dealing with political situations, she knows her manners, etc. and is always trying to learn from the more well developed countries such as U.S., U.K. and Switzerland. She does not bury herself in her past, and went ahead with maintaining foreign relations with Japan, although not as close as a few other countries that she has relations with.

She often disputes with Malaysia with things about land, water, etc.

She has a pet Merlion. [Wonder how's it with the lightning?]

She has good relations with Brunei, UK, Israel, France and Russia. She has several problems with her neighbours [Malaysia+Indonesia] however.

Look here for the list [Wikipedia]

And tell me that this isn't scandalous-sounding.-> Singapore and France maintain relatively strong relations. This was strengthened in March 1999 on the agreement of a "Joint declaration for a strengthened partnership" during Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong’s visit to France.

Strengthened partnership.. oh France.

That's pretty much most of what's important anyway.

I'll draw out Melaya [Also representing Malaysia] one day. =/ But I won't have a definite personality for him. MYxSG prz hurhur. [That's why I made Singapore(Or well, Siti) a girl- Our society is still pretty intolerant to homosexuals unfortunately. [Though still understandable, with the low birth rate and whatnot]
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