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Anime Showdown Fair @ Takashimaya


If anyone's dropping by on the 14th (White Day, people! :D Where's France-niisan? He should be going nuts. Kiku too!), I'll be there at 1.30PM. Probably take me about half an hour to an hour for make up and wig. You can recognise me as... well, I don't think my Tsuna-wig is very recognisable but yeah. XD; I'll be wearing a white sleeveless shirt with a black striped hood over a long sleeved black shirt. Er... Probably black jeans. And white shoes. I'd basically be black and white with brown hair. X'D

I'd love to meet anyone who'd like to just come over and say hi! :DD I'll linger a bit, wander Taka in my get up and... yeah. Stuff. XD Let's have coffee at The Coffee Bean~! See you there~!

If you haven't heard of it, don't be surprised. ._. This event is just freaking SMALL. XD Some SGCafe members went already and the feedback seem to be point in the negative light. (shrugs)

It's held at Takashimaya, level B1. Er, I don't know how long, maybe a full day fair, since the event lasts till 17 March.

I'm going to check out their comics and some merch but... well, I'm tempted by the goodie bags. XD First 100 cosplayers will get a goodie bag with a purchase!

There are still goodie bags left - I got this info from my sis whose friend is working at the fair. Which pretty much tells us how much the event seems to be failing. o_______o It started last FRIDAY. X'D

So. Anyone wants to go grab a goodie bag? I'm heading over this Sunday afternoon, probably. Decked in my own clothes. The only hint of cosplaying may be a wig that's sadly not APH-esque. =w=; I've yet to get a wig for that.

I'm telling you, it'd feel freaking weird dressed up as non-canon!casual!Tsuna (TYL! or not is debatable) and attending alone without a guardian or two. Tsuna would get his ass kicked via punishment for pulling a stunt like that! But this is not APH related so I'm killing this line. XD
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