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[Fanart] moar OC sketches hurhur

Now just a few pictures and some character notes since I dont feel like elaborating much on the stuff XDD

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Too big? hehe whoops. /shot'd

Nation name: Federation of Malaysia [Actually: Melaya. If you don't understand refer to how Arthur represents England, and then in modern times also represents the U.K. as a whole.]

Human name undecided.

-He has a long history, but appears young/is physically young because of his economy/whatever it is that I cant remember ATM. [Kind of like China, but rather recently China seems to be improving quite a bit...]

-Temasek(SG) used to be something like a younger sister to him.

-They dont really get along that well politically. But their political relations are still better than his and Indonesia's.

-Recently, there has been a conflict between his Muslims and Christians...

-He also was affected by U.K.'s "Curse of the Eyebrows". Just like SG and HK.

-He usually speaks English and Malay, but his Chinese is actually pretty decent when it comes down to it.

-His normal way of speaking is a mixture of English and Malay and some Chinese, kind of like Singapore's, so they sometimes casually speak to each other and don't have much of a problem with that.

-Singapore goes to his place to buy gum and pirated CDs. And for lunch sometimes. She buys water from him. Meanwhile, a lot of his people go over to Singapore's for work, so the both of them are actually pretty reliant on each other...

That's all for now I think.

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The one with SG is Brunei. They look a little alike due to the shared currency. I kinda forgot to draw a little hat on him...

No prizes for guessing who is that behind the squiggly bushes. Also, no political reference for this one. Just random doodling. because i cant get the idea of a jealous, seething MY out of my head.
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