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I bring you... Pru+UK! :D

Yes! You can thank my customer for getting me to put Gilbert and Arthur together! XD Not as a pairing though. Sorry to any PruxUK fans out there. >> There's a diehard PruIta fan in me... rivaling with the loyal GerIta fan in me. =w=; Troublesome... (usually compromises by putting Ita-chan between both of them. d>wo OT3 ftw!!) Right. Off topic.

Click the image for full view at my DA. :D

...It's no wonder that my brain keeps thinking this situation is highly probable if Arthur ever stumbles into a German pub by mistake and Prussia happens to be there drinking beer, is it?

It's totally a ploy underhanded trick game to get Arthur so pissed, he'd never see Gilbert coming to invade his vital regions see how fast Arthur gets drunk.


~ Nightmaric.
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orz orz orz Sorry for not updating/posting in the community! (Hopefully everyone didn't forget about this already orz||)

Firstly, I just want to say that it's really okay to post any APH/Singapore/S.E.A. related stuff here on this comm (as already stated by Hika in the first post), so please don't feel afraid to show us your fanfics, fanart, etc.! <33 (-stares at barely-alive-community- orzzz) so you can keep it alive by getting your friends to be one with us, and showing lots of love here, da? <3

And about the Hetalia Cafe-

I know there hasn't been any updates for a really long time but we're currently facing difficulties with location. orz||| We're trying our best at the moment so we're sorry for not being able to release any details yet! We're really sorry for any inconvenience/ disappointment/ whatever caused! v_v;;

But for those who do know that mandachan, AlexiusSana and Hika are doing their canbadges sale, the money taken from the canbadges will be used for the funding of the cafe so please support them/us/the event!

Any other details, I'll just let Hika/whoever else update owo;;

That's all!

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year, you guys!!

Hetalia Cafe site isn't opened yet but I believe Hika and others (Secchan and Recchan, yeah?) are doing their best to put it up soon \o/

Bianco Sweets site!

On another note, EOY was awesome!! So happy to meet new people ;w;+ Sorry for me acting like such a retard! /Ore-sama CD Prussia/ even though it was IC *coughcough*

Aah, I was so happy to see more and more new people into Hetalia in Singapore. Spread the APH love, y/y? <3

My(Or maybe every other Singaporean APH fan's too?) new year's wish: Himaruya, please make Singapore-tan soon!
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EOY 2009?

Um, hello there :D

I was just wondering if there was anyone in this comm who was planning to go for EOY 2009, on the 26th of December, and if there's anyone who's planning to do cosplay for that event. I'm probably going to cosplay Hetalia, but it's my first time, so I'm a little more than nervous, and I'd love it if I could meet other Singaporean Hetalia fans while I'm at it XD

So um yes. Anyone else cosplaying? Maybe we could meet up or something. And even if you're not cosplaying, you could join us too :D

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Hello all! Hika here OvO
After that one successful Hetalia Day event in Singapore I've received quite a few requests for other things to happen in Singapore for the fans of APH, and so it was suggested that we'll probably need a community for it to keep you guys updated (and also for me to find more innocent victims to help me with organizing larger and more epic events), and so... here it is! \^o^/
(/likes digging graves for herself)

That put to one side this is really a community for everything and anything by fans of Axis Powers Hetalia in Singapore O3O/ Please feel free to chat, mingle, put up photos, news, fanfics and fanarts. Oh oh. Please do keep your posts relevant to APH topics though. XD

We'll also work to keep you guys updated regarding any Hetalia related events in (and perhaps also out of) Singapore O3O There should be a few events that might or might not happen in December, and a larger, more massive in terms of scale, Hetalia-Only event that's currently in the midst of being planned by Sana and I and our crew of innocent victims- *SHOT*

Hope you guys enjoy your stay here =v=/

Obligatory credits
Much thanks to everything_lj for the CSS base for the layout... orz... I didn't touch much of it at the moment, just trying to get everything up first. TvT;;
Also much thanks to Sana for permission to use the pictures in her dA for the header image at the moment. TAT+++
I'll draw something else soon for the sake of christmas spirit and probably change the colour scheme in here as well \OvO/
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